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Name of drug:Formasite

Appearance:Propionic acid, Tripolyoxymethelene, HSCAS.


*In Feed of live-stock, poultry and lentics:600-2500 g/1MT (feed)

*To disinfect feed manufacture equipment:

Mix it with Calcium Carbonate (with the amount of 5%) and transmit it from feed manufacture line,then it will be usable in feed according to the amount explained the above.

*Fish and meat powder:5 kg/MT

Indication for use:

*To prevent and control the bacterial, viral and fungal pollution.

*It is suitable for disinfecting feed manufacture equipment and machineries.

Benefits of Formasite usage:

*To disinfect live-stock, poultry and lentics feed.

*To decrease and control the bacterial, viral and fungal pollution and to prevent futher feed pollution.

*To reduce and control the bacterial and fungal colonisation and TVN in fish and meat powder.

*To block fungal growth and prevent mycotoxicosis.

*To rebate mortality, to enhance hatching trait,and also,to increase productivity in layer poultry.

*Todecrease abortion consequences and disorders in fertility that occurs due to mycotoxicosis in live-stock.

*It is suitable to support feed and useful to prevent protein severance in tripe.

*To decrease PH level and blok bacterial growth in feed and digestive system related to it,s bactericidal characteristic.

*Related to its anti-bacterial characteristic (like carbocylic acid), it contains destructive traits on mold and fungi, because micro-organisms are not able to metabolize tri-carbon organic acids.

*It reacts to nucleic acids of virus and ruins them as well.

*It causes sublimation characteristic,it means that effective substance will be activated in feed slowly, and also,creates anti-bacterial/fungal characteristic.It causes to support feed against pathogenic factors.

*To disinfect and to purge manufacture lines and equipment of feed,supplementary and feed silos.

*To creat the health of consumer in order to removing factors such as toxins of mycotoxines in products and edible portion.

*To reduce medical treatment and drug usage costs.

*To help implementation of HACCP standard that results in promotion of production quality and quantity level.


*Avoid direct contact with skin,eyes and mucusal tissues

*Use suitable face mask and gloves

*Keep out of the reach of children.

Packaging:Polyethelene bag of 20 kg a long with bucket and aluminium foil sack of 25 kg.

Manufacture License from Veterinary Organization:89-142-S